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We made it through the first month of 2021!  During the month of January we welcomed 17 new families to our agency with an increased amount of traffic to new commercial clients that we’re currently working with.  If you are a business owner and don’t currently use our agency for your insurance needs – please give us an opportunity.  We offer liability, workers compensation, commercial umbrella, commercial auto, etc….


Tip of the Month

  Last month we talked about the importance of notifying us in the event of accident – especially when a police officer makes a police report.  What happens when a police officer makes a report, the reports is sent to the BMV, however, when the police officer makes the initial report they have no way of confirming that you actually in fact had insurance at the time of the accident.  The BMV requires each agency to file a certificate of compliance proving that you had insurance at the time of the accident.  This may sound redundant since I touched on this last month but this is extremely important!  If this doesn’t get done your license will be suspended until we get a certificate sent to the state!

Client Portal Feature

  You now have the ability to access your policies all in one place.  How do you do it?  Go to our website (  Once you’re on the home screen select “client portal” and then enter the email address that we as an agency have on file for you.  From client center you can do things like see documents, ID cards, request a change, etc…  We’re excited about this new feature and think you will like it as well.  As a reminder you can always call or text us at 574-534-7300!  We’re here for you!


  I cant thank you enough for the referrals!  I sound like a broken record but our agency wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for loyal clients like you that told their friends and family members about our agency.  As a reminder, we give $20 cash for every referral!  To make it easier with referrals we’re adopting some new technology that will help.   If you have a new referral please click here to send us your referral.  Many times the people you refer dont tell us who referred them – this should help!


We need Reviews

Lastly, there is a significant amount of importance with reviews.  Due to insurance being a very competitive market we need reviews that show potential clients what we’re made of.  It lets others know about our customer service, handling of request, claims, products, etc…  We sure do appreciate all the 5 star reviews.  It helps so much!  To leave a review click here.









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