Affordable term life insurance coverage for Goshen and Elkhart, IN
Tyler Huser explains how

Term life insurance helps secure her future.

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Tyler Huser explains how

Term life insurance helps secure her future...

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is term life insurance? Why do I need it?

Term life insurance provides protection for a specific amount of time, determined by you.  You can select 10, 20, or 30 year terms. Do you need life insurance? Ask yourself this question, “if I died today would my family suffer financially?” If you answered yes, then you need life insurance.

Why is term life insurance better than whole life?

The benefits of term life insurance is its affordability, flexibility, and simplicity. Term life insurance is generally 10-15 times cheaper than whole life insurance policies. With a term life insurance policy you can pick the length of term & face amount that fits your budget. To maximize the benefit of term life insurance you should  invest the difference in cost between your new term insurance policy vs. the cost of a whole life policy.

Is term life isurance affordable?

It’s the most affordable life insurance option in the marketplace.

Do I qualify? Is it easy to sign up?

You can qualify for the best rates with a fully underwritten policy. What does this mean? A medical exam is done and it consist of, height / weight measurements, urine / blood samples, blood pressure, and medical questionnaire. This will help determine the best rating classification you qualify for. There are also options that don’t require a medical exam. To get started we need your name and date of birth.